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Business 415 views Mar 07, 2019
Types of Shots Which You Can’t Afford to Miss in a Wedding Phot

When it comes to wedding photography, every photographer has his own style of capturing the moments at the wedding. Some focus more on the couple where as some try to include the other elements too. But there are certain signature wedding shots which every photographer should check out and add them to the album. These clicks are traditional, easy and widely used around lots of wedding photoshoot Pune and other cities. Let’s have a look on the most commonly used shots in weddings.


  1. Shot flaunting their dresses- Wedding dresses are special and they are meant to be flaunted. The bride’s sparkling Lehnga and the groom’s dazzling Shervani is great content for wedding photographers. After all, the couple spends days getting the perfect dress for them.


  1. Shots while getting ready- This is probably the most underrated topic of wedding pictures which can be covered. The bride is filled with numerous emotions of joy and nervousness while getting ready which will look amazing in the photo album. One can even try portraits when the bride’s sisters and friends are helping her get the final touch up.


  1. Capturing the entry- The entry shots always has to be special. It’s the first time when the couple witnesses the place where they are going to tie the knot and their faces tell the whole story. This is what a photographer should look for. Be ready at the right moment, set the camera and click. The photographers familiar with wedding photoshoot Pune knows how important your precious moments are and they try to capture each memory of yours.


If you are looking for a pre wedding photographer in Pune, Udaipur, Mumbai or any other city then WhatKnot is the perfect choice for you. They are a team of talented and award winning photographers specialized in candid wedding photography who make the special day of couples even more special by capturing their happy moments.