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All locations of Harmony Island Mokoko Seed in Lost Ark

All locations of Harmony Island Mokoko Seed in Lost Ark. The small and unassuming Harmony Island lies in the small corner east of Roundel. This small island has a series of spontaneous co-op quests for Lost Ark explorer players with a required total region Lost Ark items level of 460.

The most advanced Arcesia's adventurers will quickly look beyond the Isle of Harmony quest content for the three hidden Mokoko Seeds. However, they should be aware that a quest must be completed on Lullaby Island before heading to the westernmost part of the Arcesia map to obtain these particular seeds.

Players planning to scour Harmony Island for Mococo Seeds should be aware that this location will most likely not exist on most days. According to Compass Procyon, the island will only be available on the scheduled days as one of the three islands is available after 11:00 pm ET. Harmony Island is one of several islands included in Lost Ark's Adventure Island activities.

Seed 1: Makoko with a view

The northernmost part of the island narrows into a circular series of rocky cliffs. The northeastern part of this circle hides a mococo seed in a flowering meadow located between a small pond and a rocky ledge.

Seeds 2 and 3: The Secret of the Song

A small peninsula-shaped clearing is visible to the northwest of the Harmony Island map, hidden behind a forest belt. While uninformed and unequipped players will not have access to this part of the island, experienced Mokoko seed hunters who have learned the Minuet of the Forest can play a song to open a secret passage to the northeast of the clearing, revealing a couple of seeds at the far end.