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Editors select our favorite Basel World 2019 Sinister Happy Watch

Anyone who spends a considerable amount of time (or indecent time) looking at the swiss replica watches will undoubtedly produce a special taste. Cole likes himself as an old diver. When it comes to an esoteric complication, Jack can't help himself. If there are more than three hands, Stephen will hardly watch a watch. But sometimes we will be surprised. Sometimes you can't help but fall in love with something, no matter how much it conflicts with your usual preferences. After seeing these watches at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, our editors couldn't help themselves - even opposing their better judgment.

Jack Forster - Grand Seiko SBGZ001 Spring Drive Platinum Limited Edition 20th Anniversary

A big seiko is a kind of guilty pleasure? It is about how far Grand Seiko is and can even achieve this, but we have a Grand Seiko in 2019. I think the price tag on Grand Seiko was the first shock, but the watch is very good - the hand-carved platinum case and the "snowflake" dial are a delicious combination, inside is a Spring Drive hand - the wound movement is so gorgeous, let Eichi II runs for its money. Yes, no matter what, now and forever, yes.

James Stacey - Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT

Yes, I know this is a gold Ferrari Hublot. Although it can get more outliers from my general taste, I prefer the new Classic Fusion Ferrari GT. It is 45 mm wide, but due to its small dish shape, this is an advanced version of King Gold (you can choose titanium or 3D carbon fiber, but this is a guilty fun). It's not worn or looks like any other Hublot classic fusion, I like it was designed by Ferrari, and the brand is limited to the 12 o'clock prancing horse. This is also an ideal guilty fun, because I don't think I can call Ferrari without me, maybe GTC4Lusso in Cape Verde, England. Really, anything that has V12.

Cole Pennington - MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT

MaxBüsser designed the FlyingT for the ladies in his life. This is a tribute to his wife and daughter, but there is no background story, it is just a crazy watch. This is a crazy watch, I think I really want to wear it. In any case, there is currently no definitive gender design clue. The whole thing is just crazy. To make it clear, I can't really get into any watch with diamonds, but if I want to wear this, can I choose the version that is suitable for ice? I really like the HM7 Aquapod, and I am the huge sucker of the old diver's dome crystal, which is like N power. A huge beautiful bubble encapsulates the flying tourbillon and cantilevered double arched bridge. gorgeous. Convicted.

Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon GMT

The latest news from Greubel Forsey brings a new watch fever to their GMT complications.

Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon GMT looks like a new candidate for the best Superwatch in 2019 based on specifications and press releases. And personally, it is overwhelming. We had the opportunity to see it in the metal and talk about the evolution of Greer Fossey's GMT complications, and Stephen Fossey, co-founder of Basel last week, which is an extraordinary watch that I think must be split. Yes, it definitely surpasses the top in terms of design, and in terms of price, it is also deliberately ranked first - a megawatt with two dual tourbillons, two time zones, universal time display / world time function through a miniature globe, You can find more traditional labor-intensive finishing in the 10 old-fashioned observatory tourbillon pocket watches, which is an expensive proposition in itself.oris watches review

But again, it's a strange value proposition - just like Credor Eichi and Eichi II, it exists in a class defined by Greubel Forsey and only by Greubel Forsey. If you are fascinated by watchmaking as an art form, and watchmaking as an obsessive survey of the basic problems in chronographs, then Greubel Forsey has nothing like watchmaking. I can't even watch the table remotely at this level, but I can't afford one of Monet's water lilies or I'm happy that both exist and I can see them. The only problem with treating such watches as an art form (which I think can be justified) is that you can't see them in museums, and I think it would be great to have a museum. Watchmaking, including vintage and modern pieces - It's great to see a Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon GMT metal and get a deferred loan from the watch art patron.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Chronograph GMT High Strength Titanium Alloy

Grand Seiko is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Spring Drive, and the new Grand Seiko Sport is designed with a faceted, highly polished case that is completely different from Grand Seiko's past design language. The new case, its angular case, sharp lugs and dial pattern are inspired by the claws and mane of the Grand Seiko mascot. It has visual and tactile presence and can be very challenging for at least some Grand. Seiko's very dedicated fans accept. Whether the new design can be accepted quickly, or a little bit of habit, remains to be seen, but they are what we expect in terms of quality, fit and completion. From Grand Seiko, even if the case is not.

The new case is divided into three types: Grand Seiko's high-strength titanium (a hardened titanium alloy with all the corrosion resistance of traditional titanium, light and hypoallergenic, but with better scratch resistance) time and date Models are used as gold and high strength titanium chronograph GMT models. All are Spring Drive watches. The Grand Seiko Spring Drive chronograph is an interesting breed - the large side of the movement, the typical size of the Spring Drive chronograph is 43.5mm x 16.1mm, or slightly smaller than the Omega Planet Ocean replica watch site

Although the size, but this is a downright big work. Compared to the existing Spring Drive chronograph, it is more like a conscious sports chronograph, including highlights on the dial and hands (except SBGC221) and feels more like a versatile luxury sports watch instead of sports. The watch itself. Lume is not a separate sports watch, but relatively speaking, the 20th Anniversary Timepiece stands out from the early products of this feature. I think the sapphire bezel is also new to the Spring Drive chronograph (I may be wrong, but I don't remember seeing it on the SD timepiece before this release, even though there are some ceramic bezel models with GMT complex features.) ).

It is also prominent in the design of the housing. The 20th anniversary is almost proactive - well, this is a lion for you. After the initial shock, you will begin to notice how well they are doing in terms of overall quality. This is an unexpected beauty of Grand Seiko, but it will develop on you. From a technical point of view, it is more difficult to use titanium than steel because titanium tends to stick to the cutting edge of the machine tool. Called wear)) to prevent precise machining.

The existing Spring Drive chronograph GMT series, using the 9R86 calibre; this is a column-controlled vertical clutch spring-driven movement with a nominal accuracy of ±1 second per day. The 9R86 also has a two-state start and stop putter; nudges put you in the ready mode and pushes the chronograph to run more deeply. The central chronograph second hand runs in the sub-dial at 9 o'clock with the same continuous smoothness as the second hand; because it moves in continuous motion rather than in discrete jumps (like a traditional chronograph), you can theoretically get more Fine resolution. The tip of the pusher is concave and has concentric knurling for more reliable grip. The 20th Anniversary model uses the 9R96 calibre and is identical in most respects, but the accuracy per day is ±0.5 seconds.patek 5970

Interestingly, you can't easily tell the 20th Anniversary of the existing Grand Seiko Spring Drive chronograph from the back. The bottom cover (as the time and date model mentioned by Stephen Pulvirent in his introductory article is also adjusted to ±0.5 seconds per day) has a very organic curve that tapers down to meet the wrist, making it feel like a The small wrist watch on the wrist will not take away the visual impact. In steel, this strategy still gives the watch a more comfortable feel, but using heavier metal may make the watch look heavier. In titanium, this is not a problem.

By the way, this is a field where I would love to see the Spring Drive timer that Grand Seiko manually winds. This is the 20th anniversary of Spring Drive, but it is another anniversary - in 1969, Seiko released the 6139 movement with Calith El Primero and Calibre 11, the first self-winding chronograph ever. . A suitable tribute would be a flatter, hand-wound Spring Drive timer, and I think Grand Seiko fans found that the Spring Drive timers currently available are a bit large and will be greeted with considerable enthusiasm. However, if you are looking for a more outward-looking Spring Drive chronograph GMT with a very special Grand Seiko feel, this 20th anniversary model is a sharp explanation in every sense. And, as a limited edition, it doesn't have '

This reference SBG231 is globally limited.

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph 20th Anniversary, Titanium Case: Case, Seiko High Strength Titanium Alloy, 44.5mm x 16.8mm, Sapphire Crystal Mirror, 24 Hours Bezel. Lumibrite is on the mark and in the hand. Waterproof, 20 bar / 200 m, with screw-in crown and case pusher; look by tightening the bottom cover. Movement, Spring Drive chronograph movement 9R96; rated accuracy ±0.5 sec / day; column-controlled vertical clutch system with ready/start double push rod position; function, time and date, small seconds, chronograph , GMT power storage.jacob and co astronomia