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  • 04 May 2021
    Orange Crane System hard treasures the best way to identify the main true in addition to false, Yellow Crane System hard most beloved destinations true in addition to false identify in no ti...
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Business 3 views May 04, 2021
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How you can distinguish impair impression accurate and fake, cloud impact true as well as false inquiry instantly

Yunyan impact cigarette is really a very classic underneath the Yunyan smoke, the item uses the actual cigar brown since the background colour, the utilization of light line laser movie black greeting card paper, illustrates the "Yunyan impression" respectable extraordinary character. So how you can distinguish the real impression associated with Yunyan? The subsequent Xiaobian to provide you with a short introduction.

1. Good "impression" design printing

Actual cigarettes: confuses and smoke cigarettes font as well as ruyi design, eye look at, hand contact font cerebral vascular accidents, ruyi shape concave as well as convex; "Morning glow" design, pattern advantage orange USA Cigarettes Store changeover natural, obvious clouds.

Fake cigarette: the actual fake smoke cloud smoke cigarettes font as well as ruyi design is Newport Cigarettes Carton Cheap toned; The design of "Zhaoxia" basically doesn't have transition colour, and you will find obviously heavy vertical lines within the pattern. Fig. 1 Remaining true as well as right fake

2. The anti-counterfeiting design of "double dragons actively playing beads" about the back

Actual cigarettes: "dragon ball" design, round, complete, bright circular bead form, dragon golf ball above the actual Cheap Newport 100s Free Shipping rays of a large number of zhangs; "Double Dragon" design, bright as well as clear, monster scales, monster claws obviously visible; Yunyan pinyin cerebral vascular accidents round as well as full.