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Other 112 views Aug 09, 2021
How to watch the Burning Crusade classic arena tournament

This weekend you will be able to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold watch an exciting live broadcast of the match on the World of Warcraft channel on YouTube and Twitch. The live content is the confrontation between the 16 teams that entered the final stage of the Burning Crusade Classic Arena Tournament.
It seems that the ending of the first TBC Classic Arena Tournament seems to be doomed. After an epic battle, there are only 8 of the 150 teams registered. They are from North America and Europe, and their members are the best 3V3 players in the world. The prize pool for this tournament is $30,000, and only those players who have mastered the legendary arena have a chance to get it. World of Warcraft players have always believed that CAT is the celebration of all things related to WoW PvP, and the game developer Blizzard also thinks so. This competition undoubtedly reminds us of the starting point of World of Warcraft e-sports, which is also an important moment when World of Warcraft became the greatest game of 2007. Many guest commentators will comment on this game, and on the final day of the game we can also see Holly Longdale, the chief producer of TBC Classic, on the live broadcast.

Throughout the weekend, there will be anchors on YouTube and Twitch, and different players will co-live their matches on their own Twitch channels. The live broadcast will start at 12:00 PM Central Time on July 23 and will officially end on the 25th for two days. The prize pool for the event is US$30,000, divided into US$15,000 for each region. Although all teams will be able to get some bonuses, the TBC Classic Gold team that wins the first place can occupy a 33% share, which is worth a fierce battle.
In order for the best players to prove their strength, the competition system will be a five-game double-elimination match. Some players may underperform in the series due to various circumstances, but they will not be eliminated immediately. On the contrary, they will have the opportunity to save the situation in the loser group and return to the finals.

The narrators Supatase, Venruki and Ziqo of the Arena World Championship will host the work throughout the weekend. Esfand, MrGM and Pikaboo will join them to break down everything from the best games and hype games to the achievements of Arena and The Burning Crusade. The backbone of the Warcraft community. On Sunday, Venruki will welcome Holly Longdale, the lead producer of TBC Classic.

Please continue to pay attention to MMOWTS, we will introduce you the latest news of this tournament as soon as possible. Your favorite player's team may be the first to play in the game. Also, please visit the TBC Classic page for a guide on TBC Classic Gold.