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Other 105 views Aug 26, 2021
New World MMO Open Beta: Players can participate in the test af

According to reports, the New World MMO developed by Amazon Game Studios will undergo the last Open Beta before its official release, starting on September 9. In the previous tweet, the development team stated that New World will meet with players on September 28. In other words, players still have less than 3 weeks to prepare for the full version of New World.

A new Gamescom trailer revealed the news. In the video, the player came to a legendary island where anyone could be swallowed by black magic, but the hidden treasures on the island still attract more and more travelers to join the New World Coins adventure.

In general, this trailer is very good, it once again established the historical fantasy premise of the game, but you can hardly see the real feeling that New World brings to players from the video. I think you can view some videos of players playing New World closed beta on YouTube, such as conquering the dungeon, so as to better understand the actual situation of the battle in the game.

Of course, you can also choose to join the test on September 9 to experience the game yourself. The test server should be easy to access this time, because the development team should fix the technical problems during the closed beta, which can reduce the delay to a certain extent. You'd better request access to the public test directly on the Steam New World page and download the game when everything is ready, because Amazon Game Studio is using Steam's recently-added playtest feature.

During the closed beta, players found the game's opening hours to Buy New World Coins be formulaic and grindy, but there's much more MMO to explore. But the next beta version may be too short for MMO, because the test starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday.

If all goes well, players will be able to buy the game on Steam for $39.99 and wait for the game's release on September 28, provided that Amazon will not delay the release of the game again. If the game can continue to arouse players' interest and discussion, then the game may become Amazon's first successful product in the game field. As the most professional seller of New World Coins, Newworldcoins always pays attention to the latest news of New World MMO and is always ready to provide players with quality services. Welcome to visit Newworldcoins at any time to buy cheap and safe New World Coins.