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Other 59 views Dec 11, 2021
ACNH update is jam-packed with content that expands the game's

It was a complete surprise to everyone when Nintendo released the free Animal Crossing: New Horizons update earlier than expected on Tuesday. A wealth of new island life is introduced to the game's island setting in this update, which is one of the game's final major updates (the other being Happy Home Paradise, which will be released tomorrow). This update is jam-packed with content that expands the game's island setting and introduces new island life.

It wasn't just because of the early release that I wasn't prepared; it was also because of the amount of new content that had been added to the game in recent months that I was caught off guard. Characters who have never before appeared on the screen. There are a few new additions. PREPARE TO COOK IN ADVANCE! It is now possible to decorate in a variety of new ways! Fans of Animal Crossing are living in exciting times right now, and it's not hard to see why. This is especially true when you realize you've developed a genuine interest in things you'd previously dismissed (provided, of course, that you've been playing this game on a regular basis throughout the process). Please see the following ten examples of what I'm talking about:

It is critical for me to always have weeds on hand.

My weed-picking abilities can be a little shaky at times, especially when it comes to the island where I currently reside. In spite of this, I don't do much with them once I've picked them because I've already made all of the weed-based products that I'd hoped to have on hand. Following the new update, you may find yourself incorporating weeds into some new DIY projects (for example, some of the cooking recipes may call for the use of weeds).

I'm interested in sea bass, can you believe it?

The first time I caught a sea bass, I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Before I realized how widespread the fish had become, it had been a long time since I had done so. To be completely honest, I've never been interested in fishing because I have every type of fish imaginable in my aquarium, which makes it impossible for me to get into it. CJ only comes to visit once a year, and I only go fishing when there are sharks in the water (because it is extremely exciting to catch a shark!). As a result of the new update, you will be able to make use of the sea bass, and fishing will result in you receiving new cooking recipes. Finally, it's time to get re-energized about fishing!

Investigating what is going on is extremely important to me.

Having finished that section of the museum, I haven't had much reason to dig things up (except when there are mushrooms to be discovered), so I haven't done much digging in the months since. Gyroids have been included in the most recent update, and there are a large number of them, according to the creator. Getting back into the habit of digging has become necessary.

Discovering new islands is extremely important to me.

Count on Kapp'n to sing you a song and transport you to a new and unexplored island whenever you need him. Taking a trip with Kapp'n is not only the only way to meet Brewster (Blathers will request your assistance in his search), but it is also the only way to find out about the rare and unique items that can be found on these islands. I haven't had a chance to visit Harv's island yet, but the hippie pooch has sent you a letter, inviting you to come and take a look around when you get a chance. It's time to get re-energized about exploring new islands for the second time.

Shopping is a significant part of my life. A great deal, in fact.

And that's the end of nook miles. There are also bells to add to the mix. Many nook miles and a slew of bells can be found in this area. Not to mention the fact that you require nook miles in order to access the most recent DIY projects, new reactions, new hairstyles, and new abilities (such as new ways to take pictures), as well as the fact that you require nook miles in order to travel with Kapp'n on his adventures around the world. It's time to rekindle your enthusiasm for shopping once more. A great deal, in fact.

I'm apprehensive about Leif's planned visit to my island.

After playing the game on my computer for a year, I've amassed a collection of every variety of plant that Leif has to offer me. While purchasing my first set of cooking recipes, I was surprised to discover that some of them called for ingredients that I did not have on hand. Guess who, on the other hand, has them in his possession? I was with my wife last night when we were playing the game, and she was successful in bringing Leif to her island, where she was able to harvest tomato seeds. To be honest, I didn't think twice about going to the store and purchasing one myself. nmts animal crossing's past time to be concerned about Leif returning for a second visit to the island.

It is critical to me that I have access to additional storage space once more.

In spite of the fact that I have a limited amount of storage space, I haven't been receiving any new items that would be worth keeping for an extended period of time. To accommodate all of the new items and ingredients, it goes without saying that my workspace will be limited to whatever size it is available. The good news is that Tom Nook will increase your storage space – but only for a fee of 700,000 bells (which must be paid upfront). However, despite the high price, I require additional space for my tomatoes, pumpkins, and mushrooms, in addition to other items that I end up storing in order to reorganize my entire island. It's past time to be preoccupied with the prospect of having more storage space.