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Business 234 views Jan 18, 2020
I really wouldn't mind PvP

Perhaps it ought to be balanced that you cant protect anything when RS gold you're skulled, those are specifics for Jagex to work out depending how they want to balance, but it's very important that this is considered properly, maybe one of the best points raised in the full thread. And lastly I agree to your point about skilling, but I also admit that this is just a frame for new articles to be balanced/developed for. Currently despite this system not many people would be especially incentivised to go in the wildy, as there's simply not much to do that's worth the additional danger.

Only a copy-paste of what I said a couple of months ago: maybe some people just like you'd bring their BIS equipment with this revamp, but what about the majority that will still utilize cheap gear like royal which aren't interested about fighting other runescape players? It would be worse, This revamp (aka death reclaim) is just an attempt to make runescape simpler for the crybabies. There is loads of greater things that Jagex can do in order to make the wildy more busy, if thats what we actually want. Also we have that thing called dueling anywhere for those people who want to fight others and practise in a secure environment. 95% of Runescape is safe wildy is the risky area left in runescape.

Could not they add monsters roaming around as they did if the transaction limitation obtained released? Not allowing PvP doesn't mean it should become a safe area to be in. I really wouldn't mind PvP in the wildy being removed or removed in a way you don't lose you equipment when you die (such as the death cost to pker thought people commonly post), however I do not need to have the wildy to become an area it is perfectly safe to be in either. The wildy whould be a high risk area, but being able to be something that you may try to protect yourself out of gearing up and preparing for combat is a lot more satisfying than fully undressing untill you've got nothing to lose each single time you put in it. Additionally, with lures being a daily occurence I want anything to happen to make them less common and less successful.

Okay and how strong do they need to be to be"dangerous" at 2019 RS of old school runescape buy gold vs 2007 RS? In 2007 the average runescape player was substantially gear and levels wise, there was not any resistance in the form of anticipation/freedom/barge, and there wasn't any movement skills. In 2019 the"dangerous creatures" would need to be so overpowered, that they're more"annoying" that pkers would be on the casuals who need PvP removed. Can't stun or shuffle runescape players, as you may have like 90% linoleic resistance with abilities and perks. Can't hurt runescape players, since defensives are so powerful. Can't keep up with runescape players everytime you get 2tiles away. They then ought to be strong enough that runescape gamers will need to dread them, so where they could 1-shot you with a fundamental 41, their powerlevel will be dumb it would be similar to pushing wave500.