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Other 136 views Jun 12, 2020
With appropriate speed and badges

MyCareer is too simplified/easy. MyCareer gets the chance to nba 2k21 mt become a manner. You should not be able to pick a team throughout the draft, so you should not have the capability to trade. Make it realistic to actual NBA basketball. It's much too easy to turn into a starter. More games played earns a starting spot to you if you average garbage splits/numbers. Outside the season, there ought to be more occasions. The present endorsement events are just cutscenes without the interaction. Being more creative with these events could be far more interesting.

Dribbling animations must be tracked to avoid animation glitches. We have all seen those NBA 2K players on park who mistreat the behind the trunk, spamming left right left right till they have space to shoot. I'm not a man who believes that this takes no skill, since it does take some time to master, but it should not be at NBA 2K to begin with. The rate and glitchiness of these animations create playing defense impossible. Another animation issue is hopsteps. With appropriate speed and badges, you can almost fly immiedately and hopstepping dunk. Hopsteps are never used with the skill, especially in basketball that was actual that it is used by 2k characters. It is a completely broken mechanic.

Bailing out of a shot should not be difficult. Passing from a shot in real life is easy. Why on earth are you required to have the bail out badge so as to pass out of a shot? I know a lot of people despise the badge, however, the hate should be around 2k for making it so overpowered. The badge shouldn't exist in the first location. Intimidator ought to be removed. Another one that makes everybody mad mt for sale 2k21 but should not maintain NBA 2K. A NBA 2K player standing under the rim should not cause you to miss wide open. Much like jumpshots. Ridiculous.

It comes from a place of joy while I am complaining. 2k is loved by me and wish those issues could be fixed. The biggest difficulty is the lack of incentive/competition for 2k. There is absolutely no one forcing them to make changes to enhance NBA 2K as it is basically the only popular basketball video game (apart from Live, but come on). Microtransactions have taken way too much priority over content and actual gameplay and are terrible, and that should change.

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