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Nigeria : Top 3 Blogs to Watch (in 2020) - Rumours Blog , Lind


2020 Naija News Blog Awards: Rumours Blog, Linda Ikeji’s Blog and Nairaland - The Top 3 Most Influential (and Successful) Ranked Blogs to Watch in Nigeria!




Story : 

… Questions …

 … Questions …

 … Questions … 

Who are the Number One (Five Star) Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija)? 

Who are the Top Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija)? 

Who are the Best Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija)? 

Who are the Most Influential Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija)? 

Who are the Most Successful in Nigeria (Naija)? 

Who are the Funniest Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija)? 

Who are the Most Hilarious Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija)? 

Who is the #1 Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)? 

Who is the Top Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)? 

Who is the Best Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)? 

Who is the Most Influential Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)? 

Who is the Most Successful Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)? 

Who is the Funniest Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)?

Who is the Most Hilarious Blogger in Nigeria (Naija) 

… Answers …

 … Answers …

 … Answers … 

Rumours Blog 

Never in the History of Modern Nigeria has there ever been such a Major Culture Shock, in such a Highly Conservative (African) Country. 

The Memes, Captions, Cartoons and Punch-Lines are Absolutely Hilarious; albeit not necessarily in the Very Best of Etiquette or Decorum. 

According to (the rather reserved) Dr (Mrs) Aisha Buhari (Nigeria’s Beautiful First Lady and Senior Wife of the President, General Muhammadu Buhari GCFR) who regularly features on the Website : ‘Rumours Blog simply came out of Nowhere, without Pedigree, or Respect, or Provenance, or Notice, and unilaterally took it upon itself to transform me into an International (Social Media) Sensation.' 

Others, in Nigeria, However, have not been so kind; as they regularly complain that there are too many Controversial Issues which are frequently given too much prominence; most especially in terms of LGBT Issues. 

Whatever the Case: Rumours Blog is definitely a Real Breath of Fresh Air, and it is therefore Highly Recommended for all those of a (Particularly) Liberal Disposition. 

It is (furthermore) a very good resource for Actors, Musicians, Job-Seekers, Fashion Gurus, Property-Hunters, Holiday Travel Teams (Tourists) and Business Opportunities (etc). 

There is also an Online (Medical Doctors) Clinic, a Money Transfer Service, a Classifieds Corners, a Dating Section, a Car Sales Showroom; and Lots More! 

Website Address: 

Position / Ranking : #1 (Number 1) 

Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5) 

Linda Ikeji’s Blog 

Nigeria’s Pretty Young Billionaire, Dr Linda Ikeji, needs no introduction whatsoever. 

She is the Number One Face of Nigerian Blogging and the Undisputed Queen of (High Level) Celebrity Gossip. 

Madam Linda Ikeji (aka Mama Jayce): We Publicly Hail Thee. 

Website Address: 

Position / Ranking : #2 ( Number 2) 

Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5) 


Is it a Blog? 

Is it a Website? 

Is it a Forum? 

Only Time Will Tell. 

Whatever the Case: Nairaland is (most) definitely one of the Most Successful (Grassroots) Media Organizations in the History of Nigerian Networking. 

Website Address : 

Position / Ranking : #3 (Number 3) 

Rating : 5 Stars (Out of 5)



Source: International Collaboration Committee 

(Re: 2020 Naija News Blog Awards)  

Office of the State Counsellor of Biafraland 

Government of Biafra

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