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Technology 659 views May 22, 2020
Old players want Madden 21 to be improved

As an old Madden 21 player, I have always been obsessed with Madden 21 and it has brought me many surprises. But when playing games, I often encounter some problems, I hope the game company can improve.

Improved pass coverage
Better O-Line and D-Line play are an annual Madden request, and no longer one we desire to gloss over (run blocking, for instance, is solid in Madden 20) - but between the numbers it’s bypass coverage which should truely do with a big re-tune. If you want to get safe and cheap products, you can visit this website, because they have the characteristics of high security, preferential products and quality services.

In Operation Sports, this face-to-face defender is still easily crashed often. However, I found that the turn only turned to the front lane in the wrong direction by using the receiver. The AI still does not break on the ball when in the sector until it’s actually already in the receiver's hands. And safeties still drop again way too deep, even if no one is going deep. EA multiplied it a bunch [with patches] compared to how the game was once when it first came out – but sorry, the ignore coverage is, nevertheless, garbage.

More realistic and challenging, injuries
Franchise mode continues to enhance yr upon the year, even if it still falls the brief of its PS2 heyday. One way to bridge that the hole would be to reconfigure how injuries work. I’ll let Cowboy_kmoney from Operation Sports provide an explanation for further:

“The cutting-edge harm machine is not practical and is no longer football. I would love to see a system put in that makes accidents matter. Players coming back from awful accidents [should suffer] a hit in ratings. We want real-time injuries: a famous person RB is out with a torn ACL/PCL whilst in his contract year, however he’s been inserting up huge numbers over the last three years. The owner truely likes this running back. So do you continue to be loyal or reduce him, understanding that his numbers may additionally drop upon return? It's these sorts of choices and hard alternatives that would sincerely improve franchise.

Custom playbooks
Madden three and four [back on PlayStation 2] had the following: Create A Formation, Create A Play, Custom Packages,” writes Haze88 on Operation Sports, while advocating their on the spot return. At this moment, I can hear your voice: "But how to Buy MUT 21 Coins break this situation online?" The default game book has these specific same problems, which is unfair. I normally want custom programs [in order to] use forte gamers without having [to mess round with] in-game subs – probably forgetting my 60-OVR velocity professional is in a spot I do not prefer him.”

This is a quite legitimate analysis. It does appear daft that Madden 20 is nevertheless lagging behind the much-vaunted ESPN NFL 2K5 the place playbooks are concerned.