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Technology 224 views May 11, 2020
How to Build a win-win Video Marketing Strategy for your Busine

Have you heard about video marketing for a long time and understand that your business needs it? But still have not figured out what the salt is and how to introduce it? It's time to act!

According to statistics, 55% of Internet users watch videos every day. Many are already looking for answers to their questions not on Google, but on YouTube.


It is more comfortable. Many people have a better perception of information in video than in text.
It saves time. The video can be turned on in the background and consume knowledge while doing your own thing.
This is more specific. Runet littered with texts. Sometimes articles have no usefulness at all. The video is much more concise and useful, because the authors are more responsible.

You have few arguments? Then monitor your online behavior. Agree, it happens that the videos even cause more trust than the article.

What is video marketing
This is the promotion of your business with video content. Tasks are standard:

draw attention to the brand;
increase loyalty;
give free utility to the client;
introduce to paid products or services;
bring to sale.
It all depends on what stage you are using the video at.

Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing
You develop on the Internet, get customers ... Why do you need to do something else? Bother shooting and promoting videos.

Here are a few reinforced concrete reasons:

High ROI . Return on investment is one of the main indicators in any business. Now in RuNet only a few entrepreneurs are successfully developing video marketing. Most likely, in your niche there are no strong competitors at all. This means that you can attract customers much cheaper. Moreover, today for shooting video one smartphone is enough. Production expense is $ 0.

More views . Everyone watches videos. Let's compare. How many of your friends read books? And how many of them watch TV shows / movies / TV shows. In the first case, it may be 30-70% of people. In the second - 100%. That, perhaps, says it all.
Increased conversion . The video is better convincing. The audience sees you or hears your voice. This is much more credible. People buy from those they trust. Therefore, loyalty is the most important factor.

And this is not even half of all the reasons. Want to know what else video marketing is good for you? Read:

Why does your business need video marketing?

What is a video marketing strategy?
Imagine your business is a minefield. Where every mine that you step on, throws you to the beginning of the path. Going blindly is not the smartest decision, right? So you need a map.

Strategy - this is the map on which you will move. Even before the start of the journey, you know exactly what result each step will lead to. It is much safer. And the likelihood of success increases several times.


Video marketing is not a sales funnel. He can be part of it. Of course, there are times when the entire funnel consists only of video.

For example:

The primary source of traffic for a particular product is YouTube.
On the site, a person watches your short video and, using the link in the description, registers for a free master class in video format .
From there it goes to the selling page, where the main product description is presented in the video .
The entire funnel is video based. This strategy is more suitable for businesses with expertise and training. Can be used to promote services.

But if you sell physical goods, the principle changes a bit. For example, making a lead magnet in video format is almost impossible.