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Technology 181 views Jun 17, 2020
Production of Electric Cars is considered unprofitable

Many car manufacturers are not sparing financing for developments in the field of environmentally friendly transport. Many people are betting on electric cars today, but it’s difficult to call such a vehicle profitable on sale.

Specialists from the American analytical company Lux Research called the production of electric vehicles a loss-making business. According to their observations, manufacturers sell green vehicles at a loss. The progress in this area over the past few years is impressive, and the prospects for electric cars are also enviable. However, there is one “but.”

The production of most electric models is more expensive than the retail price for them. Therefore, electric cars are quite expensive. The high price helps companies not to go to a decent minus or at least go to zero. So the main goal of electric car manufacturers in the near future is to make this type of transport profitable.

According to Lux Research, the average recommended price for a new electric car in America in 2016 was $ 42,189. By 2019, it fell to the level of 33,901 dollars. At the same time, the average "range" increased by 13.7%, reaching an indicator of 370 kilometers.

At the same time, experts from Lux Research predict that in the period from 2035 to 2040, electric vehicles will own more than half of all global sales of passenger cars.

Volkswagen ID.3 electric cars will ship to Europe in September
European deliveries of the flagship electric car had to be postponed until the fall due to software problems.

Volkswagen has decided on the date of delivery of the ID.3 electric car to Europe - it was decided to organize them in September. The postponement is associated with "problem" software. But Europeans will be able to pre-order a “green” novelty from the German automaker already this month - from June 17. You can book the first 30 thousand cars.

In the fall, deliveries of an early version of the electric car, devoid of a number of characteristics, should take place. ID.3 with a full range of options will have to wait until the end of 2020. Recall that the German brand is postponing sales of its environmentally friendly flagship for the second time. Prior to this, the COVID-19 pandemic influenced the electric car’s market debut.

The launch of ID.3 will begin with the limited edition First Edition. Such an electric car will receive a 201-horsepower electric motor on the rear axle and a battery of 58 kW • h. The maximum power reserve, according to developers, reaches a mark of 420 kilometers.

Also, the Germans are going to release two more versions of the electric car - First Edition Plus and First Edition Max. In general, the brand conceived Volkswagen ID.3 as an inexpensive alternative to Tesla models.