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Entrepreneurship 159 views Aug 28, 2020
HMCT - Educational Facts

Why ,Hotel management studies are loosing its hope recently ? Specially in South India.


The sad part is yes, before we get in to this topic, everyone should understood - Education is not a business its a service.


In India, there is no much strict approval procedures to be followed by most of the Universities, by giving affiliation to Hotel Management courses to the mentioned or applied organisations, all the approval inspections are made as an eye wash.

Course Programme :-

Everyone knows the standards of star hotels and its operations, but to learn that operations, how a 3 Months, 6 Months and one year of craft course would be a enough duration to learn and equip, even the course is mentioned as one year ( 365 Days ) but its not yet completely covered days, its includes Public Holidays, individual student attendance , Mid - exams, trainings and so on …. If so an approximate student wont be in a class room studies not more than 200 days of 8 Hours classes, some institutions they running courses on hourly basis, which has to be mentioned as very poor quality of education, in all the above criteria how a institution can produce a qualified HMCT student.? They concentrating only on their course fees.

Course Qualification:-

This is the very sad part, even a reputed universities has stated the academic qualification to learn Hotel Management courses as 8th Pass, 10th Pass / Fail, +2 Fail ,for doing Craft and Diploma courses, and an average pass in +2 is eligible for doing Bsc Courses, If so how Hospitality industry can expect a good Knowledge person to join with.

Syllabus Structure:-

Mostly, None of the institution following the syllabus structure of the approved university , no universities in India has been given a duration to do IET or OJT while studying , but at most all the institutions are placing their students for 3 or 6 months training in direct hotels,  depends on the course durations 1 or 2 times of students academic time, keep aside of getting experience, how institution can completely cover up student academic knowledge if they put them under direct hotel training ? ( they ready to give poor excuses )

International Studies :

On recent days, everyone can here the word “International Institute of Hotel Management “ or “International or Global studies “ - its a complete fun factor, those who know HMCT, they know the fact of “International studies” I don’t want get in to it deeply, if anyone needs- let me dive in to this discussion.

Activities :

Spoken English / Spoken French / well paid part -time jobs / 90% Practicals / Free uniforms / Free Books….. Keep on going.

Communication :-

No institution can provide a good communication ( Any language ) classes for HMCT students , even a few institutions they never do the basics also. ( Marketing crime )

Part -time jobs :-

Some institutions they mentioned a decent pay for part time jobs while a student get in to admissions, did the institution follow their promises to all the students reg salary ? if so, the working hours is around 6 to 8 hrs in a day of part time, in that how a student can perform his academic well? also the salary for the getting paid from his/her part time job to the institutions only , in this institutions are getting a good rap between hotels, also hotels / Restaurants are accepting this part timers for their high performance with low salary.

Free Books and Uniforms:-

None of the institutions can provide the brand clothes and equipments for free, they always go with the least quality, that too included in their course fees as hidden cost, let me dig in if someone needs an explanation.


Faculty :-

The dare truth is, apart a few standard institution , no one follow up- to place right faculty for the correct post, they need their teaching faculty to do marketing manager job also even by involving their students may be not knowing. I personally know a few institution is still placing their previous batch students as Faculties, even that too for a least pay with more flexible works assigned, then how they produce a professional HMCT student ?


Known or unknown , students are getting admissions for HMCT is mostly- low on academics or from least financial backgrounds ( its not as offence I mentioned here ), from them institutions are collecting Attendance / Late / Uniforms / Common breakages / missing of ID card and so on , which they declared  themselves as institutional by laws in the name educating discipline between students.

Still I can keep on continue to brief the facts happenings , but this is highly enough, then how hotels can expect a perfect professional staff from an institution ? So hotels are stared getting too compromised from its ethics due to semi skilled staffs, so the word Hospitality compromise itself.

Finally, institutions just make its own check or assessment ,for the past couple of years passed out students are still working in your placed concern? And ,did all the students are still continuing in Hotel industry even who passed out ?

Education is service

Let me know, if anyone has different opinion on this.


-Chef Sathiyanandhan