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Entrepreneurship 717 views Dec 10, 2018
Smoked Salmon Omelette


Smoked Salmon Omelette :-

Recently, I saw in a television about “Omelette challenge “ - to cook an omelette in a fastest possible time. One contestant managed to their cook in just 19 Seconds, Normally Omelette take minimum 3 minutes for having its fluffy and fat, with a generous grating of truffle. If you don’t have 3 minutes  to cook the perfect omelette then life is not worth living.

Enjoy this simple omelette as a nourishing breakfast or a light meal. The filling remains your choice.


Smoked salmon omelette                               Serves -1 , Preparation 2 Min , Cooking - 3 Min

3 organic / Free range medium Eggs

Pinch of sea salt

Pinch of freshly ground black pepper

15g unsalted butter, plus a little melted butter to serve

30g smoked salmon, roughly chopped

A few chives, finely snipped, to serve


To make the omelette :-


1. In a bowl, gently beat the Eggs together using a fork with a pinch each of salt and pepper

2. In the omelette pan, heat the butter until it begins to foam.Pour in the egg mixture and cook undisturbed for few seconds, allowing the omelette to set lightly before stirring the set part in towards the centre.

3. Repeat this motion 4 or 5 times until the omelette has formed but is still soft and creamy in the centre, this way you will achieve the perfect texture.

4. Scatter the pieces of salmon in the middle of the omelette and then fold the sides towards the centre. Turn the omelette out onto a warmed plate, brush with a little butter and sprinkle with snipped chives to serve.


Variations :-


The fillings for the omelette are endless, though the simplest work , try fine herbs ( Chopped chives, chervil, and tarragon) , sliced tomato and chopped basil, sautéed mushrooms, chopped ham, or grated cheese such as Gruyere or Comte.


Tips :-


  1. Don’t use a whisk or break the eggs down too much because you want a contrast of textures, with a little unmixed white and yolk.
  2. You can add seasoning at any time, but you cannot take it away. Don’t add too much salt to  the egg as the salmon will contribute more.
  3. The butter will start to foam at about 130’C. It will turn hazelnut in colour at 150’C - 155’C - more appropriate for browning fish or meat than your omelette.