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Entrepreneurship 381 views Sep 15, 2019
Nizami chicken briyani

                 Nizami chicken Briyani 

Preparation time : 30 minutes    Serves : 04 portions



Chicken - cut in to medium sized 

Cumin seed - 20 gm

Ginger and Garlic paste - 100gms 

Lime juice - 10 ml 

Coriander leaves - 50gm 

Mint leaves - 100 gm 

Ghee - 50 gm

Onion - Sliced and fried - 200gm 

Slitted Green chilli - 50gm 

Salt - As per taste 

Turmeric powder - 5 gm 

Red chilli powder - As per taste 

Saffron - 10 ml 

Cashew nuts - 50gm

Cooking oil - 100 ml 

Curd - 200gm 

Cinnamon stick - 10-gm 

Cloves - 5gm 

Cardamon seed - 5gm 

Bay leaf - 5gm 

Basmathi rice - 1kg 



For Marination :

1.Cut and clean the chicken - take it in a bowl 

2.Add cumin seed / Ginger and garlic paste / Lime juice / Coriander leaves / Mint leaves / Ghee - mix well. 

3. Add Fried onion / Slitted green chillies / Salt / turmeric powder. 

4. Add Garam masala to it ( Preferred home made Garam masala ) 

5. Add cooking oil and Curd with all the whole spices together with fried cashew nuts with saffron on top.

6. Mix well with all the above ingredients in a bowl and marinate it for 2 Hours 


Parallel Process :

1. Add water in a vessel with whole spices and allow it to boil.

2. Once the water get boiled add Soaked Basmati rice to it.

3. Allow the rice to get steamed strain for spices.

4. Add the rice in to the marinated chicken and cover with a tight lid or Bind the lid with a dough.

5. Cook in a medium flame for 15 to 20 min.

6. Open the lid add some more Coriander leaves / Mint leaves / Ghee / Saffron / Cashew nuts 

7. Mix Gently 

8. Serve hot