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  • 06 Nov 2018
    I had the opportunity to speak to Southwest Airlines a  few months ago, They told me consultants suggested they charge passengers to check luggage since the competition was doing it and...
    793 Posted by sathya anandhan
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      Smoked Salmon Omelette :- Recently, I saw in a television about “Omelette challenge “ - to cook an omelette in a fastest possible time. One contestant managed to their cook in just...
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  • 09 Dec 2018
      World hunger is another reason to care about food waste.There are 842 Million people in the world suffering from chronic hunger. We produce enough food today to feed them all - 4,600 cal...
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  • 05 Nov 2018
    It's challenging to work toward's a vision and create a positive future. It's difficult to launch new ideas, Products, Movies, Mission, and organisations.It's not easy to pursue greatness an...
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Hotel 654 views Dec 03, 2018
Hotel Time lines

1829- First modern hotel with first lobby, room clerk, and separate baggage and bar rooms, Tremont House, Boston. It was also the first hotel to offer private guest rooms with locks and soap.

1844- First elevator installed in a hotel, Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York.

1882- First electric-lighted hotel the Everett Hotel, New York.

1883- The sagamore Hotel on Lake George, New York, became the first hotel to have electric lights in every guest room.

1904- New York St.Regis Hotel was the first to provide individually controlled heating and air-conditioning in each guest rooms.

1924-The Motel Inn, San Luis Obispo, California, was the first roadside inn to be called as Motel.

1927- J.Williard and Alice Marriott started A&W Root Beer stand in Washington,DC. This was the first Marriott Hotel in 1957.

1930- Howard Dearing johnson initiated the first hospitality industry franchise.

1934- Hotel Staler,Detroit, became the first hotel to use air-conditioning in every public room.

1937- The first Sheraton Hotel, the Stoneheaven, opened in Springfield, Massachusetts.

1938- Western Hotel, Known as Westin, started in the Northwest.

1939- The Travelodge name was used for the first time.

1946- Best Western was founded by M.K. Guertin.

1947- New York's Roosevelt Hotel installed the first TV sets in guest rooms.

1952- Kemmons Wilson opened the first Holiday inn, Memphis.

1953- Howard Dearing Johnson franchised his first Motor Lodge.

1960- Sheraton chain promised reservation confirmation in four seconds.

1970- Holiday Inn introduced its instant computerised reservation system.

1983- Ritz- Carlton Hotels launched.

1995- Hyatt Hotels became the first of the chains to establish a site on the Internet ( Prior,1999)