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  • 23 Nov 2020
    If everyone went NMS, that would force EA to change how they do things! As much as I would really like to see this happen, people are overly obsessed with having a competitive edge (particul...
    67 Posted by Wei weismart
  • 18 Nov 2020
    When have they ever? They provide us the exact same exact match every year. The one thing they change is remove something or add something they'd removed from previous years and call it a ne...
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  • 12 Dec 2020
    The ones at the best possible place to do more would be the assumed great cops by no more staying quiet and enabling bad cops to eliminate their abuse of power or voting for better leadershi...
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  • 28 Nov 2020
    Am I prepared for God Wars Dungeon yet? If yeah, then please write what equipments will be helpful for me. I am really desperate for cash. And skilling appears to take forever.Study - make t...
    62 Posted by Wei weismart
Business 4 views May 03, 2021
I hear you. I'd like to find that too

I personally think that it was a bad idea for Nintendo to make another splatoon match for the change because they had splatoon two and that game had a pretty major community and player base and Animal Crossing Bells I also was somewhat disappointed that we didn't get anything ably BOTW two but we got a Zelda game for this season

Does anyone else feel like. . .they kind of want a brand new Zelda that is not a sequel to BOTW? Like when it had been 2 years later BOTW it felt fresh and new. I was eager to explore this universe more.

But today I just kind of feel like that I need a completely new Zelda story and to explore another portion of the timeline. If they are taking the identical quantity of time to make this match than they do to generate a brand-new setup...I sort of would rather have a brand-new setup?

Idk I am not wanting to be unwanted. I only feel as after being with that game for 4 years now, I'm kind prepared for an amazing new Hyrule experience and a new Connect!

Unless this is the beginning of a new Zelda age and most of Zelda games for the near future are going to be sequels to BOTW.

Edit: the downvotes, I'm not wanting to be negative. I am still stoked. It has just been so long since the new Zelda already that I'm already itching for something completely new.

I hear you. I'd like to find that too. I am not gont lie I would be happy with a completely linear Zelda because I adore linear matches but I know a lot of individuals love the open world facet, so there needs to be a smart way to unite both. I like your suggestions.

I had the thought they could earn a fast sequel to botw employing the identical map and assets and just adding/changing things sufficient to justify a brand new game but making it come out quickly. Well here we are four decades after who understood it would take a long time to do that. It better be unrecognizable at this stage

The most logical path to me: BotW prequel. The BotW map BEFORE everything was ruined. Hyrule in all its glory. Buildings, not ruins. Maybe many years before the Calamity. PROPER dungeons - not the 1-3 puzzles cookie cutter shrines along with the god-awful celestial monster rotate-shit nightmares. Classic, put in a big ass dungeon and Cheap Animal Crossing Items resolve a bunch of puzzles, discover hidden items etc and work your way through. Let's return to that.