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  • 02 Mar 2020
      2020 Naija News Blog Awards: Rumours Blog, Linda Ikeji’s Blog and Nairaland - The Top 3 Most Influential (and Successful) Ranked Blogs to Watch in Nigeria!       Story :  … ...
    2609 Posted by Leton Biswas
  •   2020 Naija News Blog Awards: Rumours Blog, Linda Ikeji’s Blog and Nairaland - The Top 3 Most Influential (and Successful) Ranked Blogs to Watch in Nigeria!       Story :  … Questions …  … Questions …  … Questions …  Who are the Number One (Five Star) Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija)?  Who are the Top Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija)?  Who are the Best Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija)?  Who are the Most Influential Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija)?  Who are the Most Successful in Nigeria (Naija)?  Who are the Funniest Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija)?  Who are the Most Hilarious Bloggers in Nigeria (Naija)?  Who is the #1 Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)?  Who is the Top Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)?  Who is the Best Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)?  Who is the Most Influential Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)?  Who is the Most Successful Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)?  Who is the Funniest Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)? Who is the Most Hilarious Blogger in Nigeria (Naija)  … Answers …  … Answers …  … Answers …  Rumours Blog  Never in the History of Modern Nigeria has there ever been such a Major Culture Shock, in such a Highly Conservative (African) Country.  The Memes, Captions, Cartoons and Punch-Lines are Absolutely Hilarious; albeit not necessarily in the Very Best of Etiquette or Decorum.  According to (the rather reserved) Dr (Mrs) Aisha Buhari (Nigeria’s Beautiful First Lady and Senior Wife of the President, General Muhammadu Buhari GCFR) who regularly features on the Website : ‘Rumours Blog simply came out of Nowhere, without Pedigree, or Respect, or Provenance, or Notice, and unilaterally took it upon itself to transform me into an International (Social Media) Sensation.'  Others, in Nigeria, However, have not been so kind; as they regularly complain that there are too many Controversial Issues which are frequently given too much prominence; most especially in terms of LGBT Issues.  Whatever the Case: Rumours Blog is definitely a Real Breath of Fresh Air, and it is therefore Highly Recommended for all those of a (Particularly) Liberal Disposition.  It is (furthermore) a very good resource for Actors, Musicians, Job-Seekers, Fashion Gurus, Property-Hunters, Holiday Travel Teams (Tourists) and Business Opportunities (etc).  There is also an Online (Medical Doctors) Clinic, a Money Transfer Service, a Classifieds Corners, a Dating Section, a Car Sales Showroom; and Lots More!  Website Address:  Position / Ranking : #1 (Number 1)  Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)  Linda Ikeji’s Blog  Nigeria’s Pretty Young Billionaire, Dr Linda Ikeji, needs no introduction whatsoever.  She is the Number One Face of Nigerian Blogging and the Undisputed Queen of (High Level) Celebrity Gossip.  Madam Linda Ikeji (aka Mama Jayce): We Publicly Hail Thee.  Website Address:  Position / Ranking : #2 ( Number 2)  Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5)  Nairaland  Is it a Blog?  Is it a Website?  Is it a Forum?  Only Time Will Tell.  Whatever the Case: Nairaland is (most) definitely one of the Most Successful (Grassroots) Media Organizations in the History of Nigerian Networking.  Website Address :  Position / Ranking : #3 (Number 3)  Rating : 5 Stars (Out of 5)   CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THEM!  Source: International Collaboration Committee  (Re: 2020 Naija News Blog Awards)   Office of the State Counsellor of Biafraland  Government of Biafra #Nigeria Blog #Nigeria Blogs #Nigeria Blogger #Nigeria Bloggers #Nigeria
    Mar 02, 2020 2609
  • 20 Mar 2020
    The accumulation aswell accomplished out to addition alliance site, Zola, which agreed to abolish references from its blog posts about acreage alliance venues. Added references to plantation...
    2532 Posted by FEI REN
  • The accumulation aswell accomplished out to addition alliance site, Zola, which agreed to abolish references from its blog posts about acreage alliance venues. Added references to plantation-themed, however, abide on the site, and Color of Change had not heard aback from the site, Hatch said. 'After reviewing this complaint we bent it did not breach our non-discrimination policy, Emily Forrest, a Zola backer told Buzzfeed. 'While we may not consistently accede with couples on all of their white mermaid wedding dress details, we aswell account their appropriate to accept area and how they wish to get married'. Color of Change aswell accomplished out to Martha Stewart Weddings and Brides, but has not heard back. Neither aggregation anon responded if Buzzfeed accomplished out.
    Mar 20, 2020 2532
  • 22 Mar 2020
    Despite the algid acclimate and apropos from some commentators that political analysis in Belgium would advance to a abridgement of absorption in the aristocratic, ...
    2281 Posted by FEI REN
  • Despite the algid acclimate and apropos from some commentators that political analysis in Belgium would advance to a abridgement of absorption in the aristocratic, there was a huge assembly for the brace and they were apprenticed aback to the Aristocratic Alcazar in Brussels amidst auspicious crowds. In the aboriginal afternoon, they fabricated an actualization on the balustrade of the Aristocratic Alcazar in Brussels, sealing this aristocratic adulation adventure with a alert kiss in foreground of thousands. The accession was captivated at the Aristocratic Alcazar in Brussels with a added commemoration at the Chateau of Laeken that evening white long sleeve wedding dress. Philippe and Mathilde accept aback enjoyed a abundantly blessed alliance and accept accustomed four accouchement – Elisabeth (2001), Gabriel (2003), Emmanuel (2005) and Eleonore (2008). Earlier this year, they watched proudly as their aboriginal born, now Duchess of Brabant, took centre date at contest appearance her advancing of age. Six years into their administration as King and Queen of the Belgians, they abide accustomed and dedicated. It’s a alley that can be traced all the way aback to that aristocratic alliance that took abode twenty years ago today.
    Mar 22, 2020 2281
  • 30 Mar 2019
    We all love food, eating at restaurants and staying at hotels. But have you ever wondered who provides you that cozy and delightful environment? Well! This is where the hotel managemen...
    2038 Posted by Explora - Official
  • We all love food, eating at restaurants and staying at hotels. But have you ever wondered who provides you that cozy and delightful environment? Well! This is where the hotel management team comes into action. We have heard the term “hotel management” but what exactly do the people in that industry do? Here’s what they do: Hotel management team are responsible for managing employees and for planning, marketing, coordinating and administering hotel services such as catering and accommodation facilities. Let us comprehend it with details and explanation. INTRODUCTION: Hotel Management is an area of study that covers a wide range of topics concerned with the operational aspects of hoteliers. Educational courses in hotel management are varied and cover topics as wide-ranging as marketing, eco-tourism, leisure, business administration, and management. The people in this industry are confident, approachable and adventurous. They aren’t afraid to try new things and are excited to experience new cultures. Teamwork is the most important aspect. It is an evolving industry and has great demand all across the globe. HOTEL MANAGEMENT IN THE LAST DECADE: Ten years ago, the hotel management industry in India was not as demanding as it is today. It had been struggling to maintain it’s standards comparing with International countries. The opportunities were lesser, the number of candidates opting for the course and profession was very few, people were not aware of the pros and popularity. Many facilities were not available and introduced in various sectors in the industry like online reservations, Free Wi-Fi, the availability information was unclear and confusing, categories of rooms required were limited, the menu list did not have a variety of recipes, the different kinds of suites weren’t available. THE COURSE OF GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY: The hotel management industry is different from any other industry in that the skills and education you acquire will allow you to work anywhere in the world. It is indeed a course of golden opportunity since it offers great job and career opportunities. On what basis do we select courses for our academic? To learn new things, to grow to be a better person through the learning and experiences and also to earn a decent wage based on our needs. Well! that is exactly what happens in the hotel management industry, you get to meet a lot of people, it helps you develop your overall personality and plus you get to apply your core competencies in the job. Chances of choosing sectors based on one’s own interest are permissible. Great understanding and professionalism, good exposure, brings out the creative person in oneself and no age barrier. 100% employment is guaranteed and people can do wonders and reach great heights in their career are some of the perks of choosing hotel management. CHOOSING HOTEL MANAGEMENT AS A PROFESSION: There are soo many career choices and options once you have completed any course for that matter but choosing a profession in the hotel management industry comes in with a lot of benefits. Some of them are: ● Fast growth and career development opportunities. ● Every day would be a different and interesting day. ● Good pay and promotions based on performance. ● Multiple job profiles are available. When you look at a hotel the first and foremost quality you’ll find is teamwork. Different people from different department working as a team and satisfying all the needs of a customer during their visit. Every department strives in providing the best service. The various departments you can find in a hotel are the Housekeeping department, Engineering Department, Front-Office Department, Accounting Department, Human-Resource Department, Security Department, and Food & Beverage Department. EDUCATION: The principal objective of the hotel management courses in India is to make the students ready to confront the difficulties in this world which is full of the contest. Hotel management forms an important part of the contemporary service industry. Many reputed institutions are offering the course. Minimum qualification necessary for joining a hotel management course is 10 or +2. One can decide if he wants to do a diploma/bachelor’s/course degree in a particular field. The best institutes in India often have an entrance examination, candidates are required to clear the examinations to be able to get admission in the particular college. Examination like NCHMCT JEE or National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint Entrance Examination are conducted in various top colleges in India whereas other colleges do not prefer any entry-level tests. There are various courses available in hotel management and choosing it solemnly depends on the individual’s passion to grow consistently in the sector. SCOPE IN INDIA: Every day new numbers of hotels are set up in India. India is being considered as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Tourism has become an important resource in the revenue and economic development of India and so there’s a great market for hotel management since a lot of tourists stay up in hotels. Today, Hotel Management is not only restricted to hotels but has gone a long way to catering, clubs, food and beverage industry, resorts, airlines, cruise and many more. In hotel management and catering field, one can achieve a long term career in life. Through this course, you can join the government and non-government sectors. THE FUTURE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT AND IT’S IMPORTANCE: With the escalating demand of hotels in India, the hotel management industry has huge growth potential in the near future. The demand for smart and skilled professionals in this industry is growing at a fast pace, not only in India but also worldwide. There is a dire need for skilled and retainable professionals. In this era of social media, everyone is aware of what to expect in a hotel and the standards one needs. Advanced technologies are introduced in the industry such as Mobile door key instead of plastic cards, Mobile hub spots where everything in the room can be controlled by one remote room phone. Faster Wi-Fi’s having better bandwidths. These technologies will revolutionalize the hotel industry to the next level. As technology innovations continue to transform every industry and job role, the hotel managing industry is certainly no exception. In the near future automation will be a great part of hotel management industry too: Speak to order platforms will be trendy by which a virtual assistant will manage everyday mundane tasks, such as taking simple food orders and explain all the queries a customer has. Cloud services will be available such that a person will have entertainment on tap. You no longer have to visit restaurants anymore, the food and services you need will avail to you at home, ordering food online has become a recent update provided. The hotels will help us in having a smarter and meaning experience in the next decade. VISION: The hotel management industry anticipates a customer of his needs, attention to detail, distinctive excellence, warmth, and concern. The hotel management team make great efforts to achieve integrity. By embracing ever-changing economic influences and technological advancements, it achieves a more global understanding of the customers making it one of the best professions ever. CONCLUSION: The best way to live is to live in the service of others, providing and making a customer feel secure and safe is the most desirable quality ever. The hotel management team indeed are compassionate and help in building a better community. The foundation of tomorrow lies in the service of the hospitality industry.
    Mar 30, 2019 2038
  • 29 May 2019
      Editors select our favorite Basel World 2019 Sinister Happy Watch Anyone who spends a considerable amount of time (or indecent time) looking at the swiss replica watches will undoubte...
    1097 Posted by cecilia cecilia
  •   Editors select our favorite Basel World 2019 Sinister Happy Watch Anyone who spends a considerable amount of time (or indecent time) looking at the swiss replica watches will undoubtedly produce a special taste. Cole likes himself as an old diver. When it comes to an esoteric complication, Jack can't help himself. If there are more than three hands, Stephen will hardly watch a watch. But sometimes we will be surprised. Sometimes you can't help but fall in love with something, no matter how much it conflicts with your usual preferences. After seeing these watches at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, our editors couldn't help themselves - even opposing their better judgment. Jack Forster - Grand Seiko SBGZ001 Spring Drive Platinum Limited Edition 20th Anniversary A big seiko is a kind of guilty pleasure? It is about how far Grand Seiko is and can even achieve this, but we have a Grand Seiko in 2019. I think the price tag on Grand Seiko was the first shock, but the watch is very good - the hand-carved platinum case and the "snowflake" dial are a delicious combination, inside is a Spring Drive hand - the wound movement is so gorgeous, let Eichi II runs for its money. Yes, no matter what, now and forever, yes. James Stacey - Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT Yes, I know this is a gold Ferrari Hublot. Although it can get more outliers from my general taste, I prefer the new Classic Fusion Ferrari GT. It is 45 mm wide, but due to its small dish shape, this is an advanced version of King Gold (you can choose titanium or 3D carbon fiber, but this is a guilty fun). It's not worn or looks like any other Hublot classic fusion, I like it was designed by Ferrari, and the brand is limited to the 12 o'clock prancing horse. This is also an ideal guilty fun, because I don't think I can call Ferrari without me, maybe GTC4Lusso in Cape Verde, England. Really, anything that has V12. Cole Pennington - MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT MaxBüsser designed the FlyingT for the ladies in his life. This is a tribute to his wife and daughter, but there is no background story, it is just a crazy watch. This is a crazy watch, I think I really want to wear it. In any case, there is currently no definitive gender design clue. The whole thing is just crazy. To make it clear, I can't really get into any watch with diamonds, but if I want to wear this, can I choose the version that is suitable for ice? I really like the HM7 Aquapod, and I am the huge sucker of the old diver's dome crystal, which is like N power. A huge beautiful bubble encapsulates the flying tourbillon and cantilevered double arched bridge. gorgeous. Convicted. Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon GMT The latest news from Greubel Forsey brings a new watch fever to their GMT complications. Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon GMT looks like a new candidate for the best Superwatch in 2019 based on specifications and press releases. And personally, it is overwhelming. We had the opportunity to see it in the metal and talk about the evolution of Greer Fossey's GMT complications, and Stephen Fossey, co-founder of Basel last week, which is an extraordinary watch that I think must be split. Yes, it definitely surpasses the top in terms of design, and in terms of price, it is also deliberately ranked first - a megawatt with two dual tourbillons, two time zones, universal time display / world time function through a miniature globe, You can find more traditional labor-intensive finishing in the 10 old-fashioned observatory tourbillon pocket watches, which is an expensive proposition in itself.oris watches review But again, it's a strange value proposition - just like Credor Eichi and Eichi II, it exists in a class defined by Greubel Forsey and only by Greubel Forsey. If you are fascinated by watchmaking as an art form, and watchmaking as an obsessive survey of the basic problems in chronographs, then Greubel Forsey has nothing like watchmaking. I can't even watch the table remotely at this level, but I can't afford one of Monet's water lilies or I'm happy that both exist and I can see them. The only problem with treating such watches as an art form (which I think can be justified) is that you can't see them in museums, and I think it would be great to have a museum. Watchmaking, including vintage and modern pieces - It's great to see a Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon GMT metal and get a deferred loan from the watch art patron. Grand Seiko Spring Drive 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Chronograph GMT High Strength Titanium Alloy Grand Seiko is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Spring Drive, and the new Grand Seiko Sport is designed with a faceted, highly polished case that is completely different from Grand Seiko's past design language. The new case, its angular case, sharp lugs and dial pattern are inspired by the claws and mane of the Grand Seiko mascot. It has visual and tactile presence and can be very challenging for at least some Grand. Seiko's very dedicated fans accept. Whether the new design can be accepted quickly, or a little bit of habit, remains to be seen, but they are what we expect in terms of quality, fit and completion. From Grand Seiko, even if the case is not. The new case is divided into three types: Grand Seiko's high-strength titanium (a hardened titanium alloy with all the corrosion resistance of traditional titanium, light and hypoallergenic, but with better scratch resistance) time and date Models are used as gold and high strength titanium chronograph GMT models. All are Spring Drive watches. The Grand Seiko Spring Drive chronograph is an interesting breed - the large side of the movement, the typical size of the Spring Drive chronograph is 43.5mm x 16.1mm, or slightly smaller than the Omega Planet Ocean replica watch site Although the size, but this is a downright big work. Compared to the existing Spring Drive chronograph, it is more like a conscious sports chronograph, including highlights on the dial and hands (except SBGC221) and feels more like a versatile luxury sports watch instead of sports. The watch itself. Lume is not a separate sports watch, but relatively speaking, the 20th Anniversary Timepiece stands out from the early products of this feature. I think the sapphire bezel is also new to the Spring Drive chronograph (I may be wrong, but I don't remember seeing it on the SD timepiece before this release, even though there are some ceramic bezel models with GMT complex features.) ). It is also prominent in the design of the housing. The 20th anniversary is almost proactive - well, this is a lion for you. After the initial shock, you will begin to notice how well they are doing in terms of overall quality. This is an unexpected beauty of Grand Seiko, but it will develop on you. From a technical point of view, it is more difficult to use titanium than steel because titanium tends to stick to the cutting edge of the machine tool. Called wear)) to prevent precise machining. The existing Spring Drive chronograph GMT series, using the 9R86 calibre; this is a column-controlled vertical clutch spring-driven movement with a nominal accuracy of ±1 second per day. The 9R86 also has a two-state start and stop putter; nudges put you in the ready mode and pushes the chronograph to run more deeply. The central chronograph second hand runs in the sub-dial at 9 o'clock with the same continuous smoothness as the second hand; because it moves in continuous motion rather than in discrete jumps (like a traditional chronograph), you can theoretically get more Fine resolution. The tip of the pusher is concave and has concentric knurling for more reliable grip. The 20th Anniversary model uses the 9R96 calibre and is identical in most respects, but the accuracy per day is ±0.5 seconds.patek 5970 Interestingly, you can't easily tell the 20th Anniversary of the existing Grand Seiko Spring Drive chronograph from the back. The bottom cover (as the time and date model mentioned by Stephen Pulvirent in his introductory article is also adjusted to ±0.5 seconds per day) has a very organic curve that tapers down to meet the wrist, making it feel like a The small wrist watch on the wrist will not take away the visual impact. In steel, this strategy still gives the watch a more comfortable feel, but using heavier metal may make the watch look heavier. In titanium, this is not a problem. By the way, this is a field where I would love to see the Spring Drive timer that Grand Seiko manually winds. This is the 20th anniversary of Spring Drive, but it is another anniversary - in 1969, Seiko released the 6139 movement with Calith El Primero and Calibre 11, the first self-winding chronograph ever. . A suitable tribute would be a flatter, hand-wound Spring Drive timer, and I think Grand Seiko fans found that the Spring Drive timers currently available are a bit large and will be greeted with considerable enthusiasm. However, if you are looking for a more outward-looking Spring Drive chronograph GMT with a very special Grand Seiko feel, this 20th anniversary model is a sharp explanation in every sense. And, as a limited edition, it doesn't have ' This reference SBG231 is globally limited. Grand Seiko Spring Drive Chronograph 20th Anniversary, Titanium Case: Case, Seiko High Strength Titanium Alloy, 44.5mm x 16.8mm, Sapphire Crystal Mirror, 24 Hours Bezel. Lumibrite is on the mark and in the hand. Waterproof, 20 bar / 200 m, with screw-in crown and case pusher; look by tightening the bottom cover. Movement, Spring Drive chronograph movement 9R96; rated accuracy ±0.5 sec / day; column-controlled vertical clutch system with ready/start double push rod position; function, time and date, small seconds, chronograph , GMT power storage.jacob and co astronomia  
    May 29, 2019 1097
  • 16 Apr 2019
    A hotel’s staff is in charge of making guests feel at home or even more pampered than they might be at home. They work together to give customers a good experience when they travel. The c...
    967 Posted by Explora - Official
  • A hotel’s staff is in charge of making guests feel at home or even more pampered than they might be at home. They work together to give customers a good experience when they travel. The comfort and safety of guests, in one form or another, is the responsibility of all hotel staffers. Hotel jobs can be broken down by the various departments in which people work. The people who check guests in and out are considered front desk workers. Employees who clean and prepare rooms are referred to as housekeeping. Concierge: When guests have questions about nearby restaurants or want to book a sightseeing tour, they visit the hotel’s concierge. A concierge’s job varies depending on the place where he or she works. In luxury hotels, at resorts, on cruise ships, or even in high-end apartment buildings, a concierge is like a butler who fulfills any request that a guest might make. Concierges also work in private residencies, assisting clients with day-to-day activities. Some work in hospitals, helping patients take care of personal needs. Job Duties: A concierge’s job description seems pretty simple: help guests enjoy their stay at a hotel. In practice, this is quite complex because of all the ways that the concierge can make that happen. Each guest has different needs, and it’s up to the concierge to be flexible enough to meet every request. Hotel concierges are jacks-of-all-trades, meaning that they have a lot of information about a variety of subjects. They know all about hotel policy and procedures and how to get things done within the hotel’s walls. More than that, they must also have complete, up-to-date information about the area surrounding the hotel. Concierges give recommendations about restaurants, entertainment venues, and events taking place near the hotel. They are very familiar with the lay of the land because they frequently give guests directions to locations within a city or on the outskirts of town. Concierges make dinner and spa reservations and they may even go so far as to set up a tour for visitors. They can arrange to get specialty items( food, medication) or things that guests forgot to pack. Finally, concierges assist with guest transportation needs. This includes just about anything, from arranging for ground transportation like taxis and shuttles to calling an airline on a guest’s day of departure to see if his or her flight is on time. Work Environment: A concierge works directly with customers, so a person interested in this occupation needs to have strong people skills. A concierge has to always be polite and present a professional image. Concierges must also be familiar with the area and be resourceful. If they don’t know how to meet a client’s request, they will have to figure it out in a timely manner. This could involve making several phone calls or doing internet searches to find the answer. A concierge must be organized. He or she will likely handle multiple customer requests at a time. Concierges may work alone or be a part of a team. Those who work alone have to be independent. Those who work on teams need to be good communicators to keep the entire team up to date onrequests. Concierges may work full-time or part-time. Because hotels are open twenty-four hours a day, some concierges may have to work overnight, in the evening, and on the weekend. Education and Training: Most employers require candidates for concierge jobs to have a high school diploma, but no formal education beyond that is required. Some vocational education programs in hospitality have courses or training of some sort of being a concierge, and some enterprising folks have created programsthat give certification in concierge duties. Many hotels prefer to offer on-the-job training instead. Preparation for a job as a concierge can begin in high school. Students can take communicationclasses, which should help them in this very people-oriented position. Seeking an internship at a hotel that would most likely include experience in many different positions, including concierge, would also be helpful.
    Apr 16, 2019 967
  • 30 Mar 2019
    Aryavarta, Bharat, Hindustan, though it takes several names, India has always been the land of mystery, the vast glorious land, being blessed with diverse culture and intensely beautiful lan...
    889 Posted by Explora - Official
  • Aryavarta, Bharat, Hindustan, though it takes several names, India has always been the land of mystery, the vast glorious land, being blessed with diverse culture and intensely beautiful landscapes. The cradle of civilization; powerful dynasties and empires by indigenous rulers; the medieval period has led to the development in the field of languages, culture, and religion. Known for its rich heritage and history, India has not only been a tourism icon for the past few decades, rather it has been a tourist spot since the British visited for trade in 1757. Considering the fact that they loved India so much, they did not want to leave it. But what makes India, a place of interest? PLACES TO VISIT: Ancient India is also known as the golden era in the field of historic architecture and buildings. ARCHITECTURAL STYLES: Various architectural styles emerged at different periods and ages in India, it also had something to do with religions and tradition. Some famous architectural styles are: • Buddhist architecture-monasteries like Tawang Monastery which is the largest monastery in India & stupas –Sanchi stupa. • The classical period was mostly Monumental stone architecture. • Rock-cut architecture led to the construction of caves. • South Indian architecture had temples • The Rajput architecture was popular in forts • Mughal architecture followed Persian style, they built several tombs and masjids • The invasion of Portuguese, French, Dutch & British introduced European style into construction like Victoria Memorial and many churches were built. THE MAJESTIC MONUMENTS AND BUILDINGS: India Gate, Qutub Minar, Charminar, Gateway of India, Golden Temple, Hawa Mahal, Monuments Of Mahabalipuram, Jama Masjid are marvelous tourist attractions in India. • Forts like Agra Fort, Amer Fort, Fatehpur Sikri fort, Red Fort stand tall and keep guard. • Ajanta caves, Ellora caves, Elephant caves of pre-historic time gives us knowledge about the ancient period. § Pillars- Ashoka Pillar is the most famous, Fateh Burj also known as Victory Tower is the tallest minar in India. § India is known as the Land of Palaces as various kingdoms resided. Mysore Palace, Taj Lake Palace, Lalgarh Palace are some of the royal Mahals. § The mind blowing and mind boggling Taj Mahal also known as the pride and face of India located in the banks of Yamuna in the city of Agra. The Ivory-white marble mausoleum was made with cost estimation of 32 million Indian rupees which is not only one of seven wonders but also the symbol of love. It has 7–8 million visitors per year. • The statue of Unity unveils as the world’s tallest statue and Shiv Smarak (or) The Chhatrapati Shivaji Memorial, an upcoming monument under construction will also pave way for the development in the scope of tourism in India. AWE-INSPIRING TRADITION AND CULTURES: From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every state has different traditions, ethnic wear, types of ornaments and jewelry and each follows a unique culture much different than the other. COLORFUL FESTIVALS: Since people in India follow different religions, people celebrate various festivals like Diwali-popularly known as the festival of lights, Eid-ul-adha, Ganesh Chaturthi, Christmas, Navaratri, Holi, Pongal, Bakr-eid and many more. TEMPLES AND PILGRIMAGE PLACES: While the north is known for palaces, forts, and pillars, the South Indian territory is known for its popularity in temples. The Meenakshi temple, Brihadesvara Temple built by Rajaraja Chola are some of the grand temples of the south. In the north we have the Sun Temple and Lotus Temple are extra-ordinary temples that attract visitors. THE BREATHTAKING GREAT HIMALAYAS: The Himalayan range has a length of 1,400 miles and an average elevation of 20,000 ft. The Himalayas also have the highest peaks in the world and Earth’s highest mountain “The Mount Everest”, having an elevation of 8,848 meters (29,029 ft) CLASSICAL, FOLK DANCE FORMS AND YOGA: Every state in India has a huge number of dance forms. Bharatanatyam from Tamil-Nadu is the most famous dance form all over the world, other classical dances are Kathak, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathakali, Sattriya, Manipuri and Mohiniyattam. The famous folk dances are Fugdi, Dandiya raas, Bhangra, and Ghoomar. Indians were the first to introduce the concept of Yoga several thousands of years ago. Many yoga centers draw the attention of tourists. BEACHES: Surrounded by three great water bodies: The Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and The Indian Ocean, India has several beaches. Marina Beach having a length of 13 km is the second largest beach in the world. Some of the most visited beaches are from Goa-Palolem, Agonda, Arambol and Kerala-Varkala Beach and many others. RELIGIONS AND CUSTOMS: India is the home of different religions. ”Unity in diversity”-is a term very well known to describe the togetherness even in the differences. Hinduism being the majority, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Christianity are other religions that are followed. INDIAN CUISINE: There is no substitute for desi Indian food with various spices and recipes having desi tadka. ”Briyani”-originated from Persia and brought to India by the Mughals has a great demand and craving all over the world. Butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, palak paneer, malai kofta, chole, and South Indian meals are some other food that is quite famous. WEDDING RITUALS: Due to various religions, customs and traditions, the wedding rituals have also caught attention by the tourist. IMPACT OF TOURISM IN REVENUE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT : The future of Indian tourism is increasing year by year. India offers many tour packages to its visitors. India shows exponential growth in the tourism industry because of the support given by the government. Different segments of Tourism are available: 1. Eco-Tourism: There are numerous Botanical and Zoological Gardens in India, which are working towards the enhancement of the Ecosystem. · Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore · Government Botanical Gardens, Ooty · Semmozhi Poonga Botanical Garden, Chennai · National Zoological Park -Delhi, New Delhi · Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park -Pune, Maharashtra are a few famous botanical and zoological gardens in India. 2. Health Tourism: Medical tourism is a growing sector in India. Indian system of Medicine has attracted tourist in great numbers. The Ayurveda, Siddha System, Unani, Yoga, Naturopathy, and Homoeopathy use natural herbs and remedies that cures so many diseases without any side effects and naturally. 3. Adventure Tourism: A thrill seeker will be spoilt for choice in India. From a snow leopard trail in the Hemis National Park in Ladakh to a motorcycle tour to Gurudongmar, the highest lake in India, and even an entertaining rickshaw challenge across the country makes tourists get excited. Trekking in Ladakh, Motor Bike Expeditions in Leh-Manali Highway, River rafting in Uttarakhand, Hot Air Ballooning in Jaipur and Lonavala, Scuba Diving in Goa and Andaman and the Nicobar Islands, Wildlife Safaris and Camping are best ways to have an adventure tour in India. 4. Cultural Tourism: The most popular states in India for cultural tourism are: · Rajasthan · Tamil Nadu · Uttar Pradesh · Uttaranchal 5. Heritage Tourism: India’s rich heritage is amply reflected in the various temples, palaces, monuments, and forts that can be found everywhere in the country. This has led to an increase in India’s heritage tourism. 6. Wildlife Tourism: The wildlife attractions of India are colossal and worth appreciating. Indian wildlife preserves a number of endangered and rare species. Jim Corbett National Park is the first wildlife reserve of India. Ranthambore National Park, Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary are famous ones. Tourism has become an important resource in the revenue and economic development of India. According to a survey held on 2017 by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, out of 323 million international tourist arrivals in the Asia-Pacific over 15.5 million were from India resulting in a tremendous increase by 6.7% from 2016 that is around 0.9 million. The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report for the year 2017 ranked India 40th among 136 countries. It has a great impact. Tourists from all over the world visit the nation for it’s peculiar and astonishing characteristics, which comprises of my “Incredible India”.
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    SRM Hotel management..  The importance of competent hoteliers is increasing with each passing day as five star hotels and resorts spring up around the country and chefs are feted at in...
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  • SRM Hotel management..  The importance of competent hoteliers is increasing with each passing day as five star hotels and resorts spring up around the country and chefs are feted at international events. SRM Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) has been offering quality hospitality education and training for more than a decade. SRM Institute of Hotel Management is the only one of its kind with a fully operational super deluxe star hotel set amidst scenic ambience spread around 5 acres. The institute has two branches: The SRM Hotel pvt Ltd, Chennai, ideally located on the National Highway, has easy access to industrial areas and tourist sights. It caters 50 well furnished rooms to its patrons including reputed industries like Ford India Ltd, Visteon, Hyundai Motor India Ltd, Spel Semiconductors, Ucal Fuel Systems, JPSL, JBM Krupp as well as pilgrims and tourists to the region. The hotel educates 1500 students per year, exposing them to valuable hands on practical experience. SRM Hotel Pvt. Ltd, Trichy has 120 well-equipped rooms. The college offers degree and diploma courses in Hotel and Catering Management to around 400 students every year.
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      Sytop Stellite Alloy Company is devoted to be the dominating cobalt alloy exporter. We have professional technical department who are paying the key role on pre-sales and after-sales ser...
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  •   Sytop Stellite Alloy Company is devoted to be the dominating cobalt alloy exporter. We have professional technical department who are paying the key role on pre-sales and after-sales services. We provide the most up-to-the minute technology total solution for different stellite alloy process and requirements. What is the Details of our Stellite Alloy Blade? Material : Stellite –6B Process : Powder Metallurgy , it is short for PM Hardness: 33-43 HRC Density : 8.3 g/cm ³ Size : 100-220mm length , width 30-60mm , thickness 1.15-7 mm Properties : Wear and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance Application : Cutting material Instructions : Drawing made upon cutomers request Sharpening surface : available Tolerance control : grinding surface , tolerance upon drawing Production lead time Samples 10 days , normal order 15-25 days Production capacity : 30,000pcs one month. Package : carton or wooden case , pallet for export As professional Stellite Alloy 3 manufacturer, So if any of you have any questions need solution welcome to contact us, we are glad to cooperation with you!  
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    The concept of vastu shastra is not just about placing objects in the right direction. In reality, the scope of vastu shastra services is much wide. It consists of balancing the elements wit...
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  • The concept of vastu shastra is not just about placing objects in the right direction. In reality, the scope of vastu shastra services is much wide. It consists of balancing the elements with your life. The roots of this concept go back in the ancient times and it’s considered to be the science of Indian architecture and building. Any vastu consultant in India is well versed with the knowledge of the five elements which revolves around the concept. These are earth, water, fire, air and space.   The concept states that the energy fields revolve around every object in the universe. This reflects positive and negative energies as well. This is where placing the objects come in picture. By placing certain objects, one can redirect the flow of positive energy into their house. The four directions have been asserted with certain characteristics. For instance, east is considered to bring success since it’s the direction of sunrise.   So, this is why it’s recommended by people who provide vastu shastra services to place specific elements in that particular direction to allow the positivity to enter your home. Similarly, if one wants to gain prosperity in their work then he should look in the north direction. However, you should always seek advice from a professional who provides vastu shastra services since all these things are determined by a person’s personality. The science of vastu shastra helps us to eliminate the negative energy by casting it out from our home. It has numerous ways to make residential living easier.   Dr. Geetanjali Saxena is a wellness coach and one of the best vastu consultant in India with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in counseling, hypnotherapy and provides the best reiki healing in Mumbai. She is trained in multiple modalities under various international trainers which give her a multi-cultural experience to understand different types of people and their nature.
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