Board of Directors


Mr.P.M.Balakrishna Varma


As the president of Explora, I extend a warm welcoming hand towards all the global players in the hospitality industry. I’m extremely proud and happy to introduce the ideation of Explora in the global arena of hospitality. We are now the pioneer in completely transforming this specific industry into digitization and enhancing the overall productivity. I encourage all the like-minded players to take active participation in our social media community and deliver fantabulous service to end customers.


Mrs.G.Malliga Balakrishnavarma


As the vice president of Explora, I’m happy to introduce Asia’s first social media network which is tailor-made for the hospitality industry. Embracing the complete effect of digital transformation we have created this platform which would always be a benchmark for the forthcoming players of this industry.


Mrs.A.Sumitha Sathiyanandhan


Being the Executive Director of Explora, I’m proud to be a part of this revolutionizing initiative that would bring a real and big difference in the hospitality industry in the most positive way. We are backed with highly talented and experience digital analysts who have great exposure to bring our ideation of clubbing the different talents of the hospitality industry together.




As a tailor-made social media network for the hospitality industry, Explora is the first of its kind aimed to connect different players of hospitality industry worldwide to gather and explore each other. Originated from the thoughts of an Indian, Explora has acquired the digital transformation and will be a revolutionary find for this industry. As the CEO of Explora, I take immense pleasure to invite the worldwide players of the hospitality industry to become active members of this forum and attain the ultimate benefits.


Mr.C.Suresh Kumar


As the COO of Explora, I take the ultimate privilege to introduce the most innovative and efficacious initiative in the arena of the hospitality industry. This social media platform will be highly helpful in bringing diversified talents in this industry together under a single shed that would enhance the overall productivity.