1. Introduction: Document governs website use; consent to website document: implied; consent to website terms and conditions: express; website user Demographic profile; cookie consent.
  2. Copyright notice: UCC copyright notice; ownership of rights in website.
  3. License to use website: License to use website; no downloading; website use: permitted purposes; no modification of website content; limitations on license to use website; redistributable content; restriction of access to website.
  4. RSS feed: Access to RSS feed; accessing RSS and acceptance of document; RSS license; RSS license condition; revocation of RSS license.
  5. Acceptable use: Acceptable use: prohibitions; using contact details prohibited; veracity of information supplied.
  6. Registration and accounts: Account eligibility; account registration process; notify on misuse of account; use of another's account.
  7. User login details: Provision of login details; user ID rules and impersonation; password to be kept confidential; notify on disclosure of password; responsibility for password loss.
  8. Cancellation and suspension of accounts: If the admin found any of the user does not belong to above mentioned category; the admin have complete rights to remove the user without any prior information.
  9. Social networking: Social networking features; no responsibility for user behavior; no liability for defamatory posts.
  10. Personal profiles: Profile information need to be accurate; profiles to be kept up to date; personal profile as user content.
  11. Your content license: The admin requires the user to upload their own video content, and if the user uploads videos from any other networks then admin will remove the user account completely without any prior indication.
  12. Your content: rules: User content warranty; no unlawful user content; user content rules; civility and user content; hyperlinking and user content; previous complaints and user content.
  13. Report abuse: Request to report abuse; how to report abuse.
  14. Limitations and exclusions of liability: Caveats to limits of liability; interpretation of limits of liability; no liability for free information or services; no liability for force majeure; no liability for business losses; no liability for loss of data or software; no liability for consequential loss; no personal liability.
  15. Indemnity: Indemnity from website users.
  16. Breaches of these terms and conditions: Consequences of breach; non circumvention of measures upon breach.
  17. Third party websites: Third party websites: hyperlinks not recommendations; third party websites: no control or liability.
  18. Trademarks: Website operator's trademarks; third party trade marks on website.
  19. Competitions: Competitions on website; competition terms and conditions.
  20. Variation: document may be revised; variation of website document: unregistered users; variation of website document: registered users.
  21. Severability: Severability of whole; severability of parts.
  22. Third party rights: Third party rights: benefit; third party rights: exercise of rights.
  23. Entire agreement: Entire agreement - use of website.
  24. Law and jurisdiction: governing law; jurisdiction.
  25. Statutory and regulatory disclosures: Social media regulations: trade register; social media regulations: authorization scheme; social media regulations: professionals; social media regulations: code of conduct; value added tax number.
  26. Our details: Website operator name; company registration details; place of business; contact information.

Removed:  cancellation point, limited warranties, assignment, your content license